Case Study

Sterling Family Dental | Web Design and Digital Advertising



Sterling Family Dental has been serving the DMV area since 2002, and has won local recognition for its superb dentistry and professionalism. The practice caters for both ‘traditional’ and ‘cosmetic’ dentistry and is welcoming of patients of all ages and backgrounds. However, a quick search of dentists in Sterling, Virginia revealed dozens of competitors within a 15-mile radius, meaning that in order to succeed it simply wasn’t enough to provide excellent dentistry--something had to be done to make this family practice stick out from the crowd.

Enter MatterPlus. Dr. Nikkhah reached out to MatterPlus with the goal of acquiring an extra 15 patients per month: ideally high-quality patient leads who would become repeat customers. Equally important was the ability to attribute monthly ad spend to the number of leads produced so that the scale of any successes could be measured to inform further decision making. 

“MatterPlus believes that lead success must be continuously analyzed to inform your overall digital marketing strategy.”

Before MatterPlus, Dr. Nikkhah acquired most of his ‘organic’ leads via referrals and fixed business listings. Only a small fraction of the leads were from search platforms like Google. After Dr. Nikkhah’s initial consultation with MatterPlus, it was evident that his business was missing out on a huge opportunity.


The first step was to setup Google Analytics which allowed MatterPlus to examine exactly who they should be targeting. Combined with research by MatterPlus, we found his physical location to have a high concentration of hispanic patients, many of whom were searching for businesses in their native language. Research also revealed that few competing dentists offered the range of operating hours that Dr. Nikkhah did... It was clear that these two observations would be integral for the marketing strategy.


After coupling the Google Analytics data with their market research, the MatterPlus team focused the first month’s ad budget on a popular business listings site that Dr. Nikkhah used previously. Although this ad channel resulted in about 10-15 calls per week, the quality of those patient leads wasn’t at its full potential. 


Wanting to move the needle further, MatterPlus designed and initiated a campaign on Facebook’s ad platform. Ads were taken out in both Spanish and English, and targeted people exclusively within a 5 mile radius (and specifically excluded the nearby airport): The effect was immediate... Within the first month, and going forward, Facebook consistently provided more impressions with higher quality lead calls AND at a lower ad spend. Although, the first ad platform had a superior reputation for business listings, the data showed Facebook Ads to be the better performer. These results confirmed that the most effective approach would be to diversify the ad spend between multiple platforms.


Ultimately, a combination of Facebook Ads and Google Ads was found to be the optimal allocation of Dr. Nikkhah’s ad budget. Impressions ballooned from under 10,000/month to over 20,000/month. With such a large number of impressions, the qualified patient leads followed. By the year end, nearly a quarter of a million impressions and hundreds of phone calls resulted that were directly attributed to Dr. Nikkhah’s new ad campaigns. These efforts also aided in moving his website up the organic search rankings, thus generating more non-paid click interest. During Dr. Nikkhah’s review, it was discovered almost half of his new patients were being generated from MatterPlus’ marketing efforts, allowing him to gradually increase his budget over time.