What We Do

Analyze your Market


We study your local market to determine your business’s unique selling points and differentiators

Design your Ads


We then design and build tailored ads while staying true to brand

Learn + Optimize


After analyzing performance we A/B split test your campaign to determine the best ad composition for each channel

Report and Repeat


Our simple 24/7 reporting platform empowers you to assess and understand which ad channels are driving customer leads

Why you need to Advertise Online

Competitors are Edging you Out


The competition is already advertising to your customer base online.

$200,000,000,000 was spent on advertising last year in the US… that’s a lot of zeros!

Consumers are spending increasingly more time online and more time on mobile.

Marketing requires Diversification


Posting a single ad on a single search engine no longer does the trick.

Customers in your market segment share key characteristics but each are unique. And each ad channel requires a different approach.

Advertising is an investment and it requires exploring all options. After all, you wouldn’t place your entire retirement savings into a single investment, right?

Control your Narrative


First impressions matter even more online.

Search engines, social media, professional networks, gaming sites: Put your best foot forward when and where customer leads are exploring online.

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- Dr. Jason Nikkhah, Founder, Sterling Family Dental

– Dr. Jason Nikkhah, Founder, Sterling Family Dental

MatterPlus knew quickly what my market landscape was like and acted efficiently in dominating the local advertising space… 

We gave them goals and they achieved them, and then some.

…We\’ve had nothing but great experiences with them, and they are definitely now a critical part of our marketing plan. 



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See how digital advertising can work for you

  • Understand what you\’re charged for and when
  • Look into the ways to target new customers
  • Determine which ad networks are good for you

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